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"They tryin’ to distract you from the truth…Don’t believe nothing you see, ‘cause you’re constantly being lied to. To truth is inside you." - Kanye West

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Late nights early mornings

Blowing on this loud told my momma I’m still make you proud.
Niggas going look at me high like I’m a cloud.
Because all I do is ball never can I fall.
My girl look like a doll but always keep it trill
Nose never grow like ponocia cause I ain’t going for the okie dok


Fight Depression. Prevent Suicide. Smoke weed.

My protest sign raising awareness for cannabis in Ann Arbor, MI. inspired by CoralReefer420.

Thank you Coral for helping me become confident with cannabis. CONGRATS ON 50K SUBS/420 VIDEOS!!!

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On my soul

Bro throwing money and you other niggas ending up on a shirt like EARL @big_bank_hankk
Welcome to minnesnowta ❄️
TBT senior year homecoming coordination.